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Success Tools

Who  •  What  •  Where  •  When

Start with Culture (WHO)

Getting the Right people in the Right seats in your company is one of the secrets to taking your company to the next level. While strategy deployment is important, culture (people) eats strategy for lunch every time! First WHO then WHAT! 

We will teach you how to develop your existing team and add the Right team members as you grow. Ever wonder why some of your sales team under perform and others perform well? We will show you how to stop relying solely on resumes and interviews alone to put the Right people in the Right seats on the bus!

Strategic Competitive Advantage SCA (WHAT)

How do you differentiate your business from the competition? Developing an SCA is the secret sauce that makes your company standout and grow. We will help you challenge your paradigm and introduce a set of tools to help you drive a successful SCA.

Supply Chain Review (WHERE)

Is your supply chain linked both domestically and internationally? Are your suppliers’ part of your strategy? We will help you think about your supply chain differently, i.e. sourcing activities vs. quoting and purchasing.

Business Continuation Planning (WHEN)

Taking a family business to the next level or developing a successful transition plan, can be one of the most gut wrenching processes an owner undertakes. We can help identify the pitfalls and provide guidance to help your company succeed. Assessing your businesses value and properly positioning the company is critical to your company’s success, whether you pass on the business to family or decide to sell the company.